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Inscription Types
Turfan inscriptions
OR.8212 (76)
OR. 8212 (77)
OR. 8212(78 & 79)
Or.8212(161) The Book of Omens
Turkic Text on Or. 8212 (104) Manuscript
Or. 8212 (1692)
T II T 14 [408]
U 5 (TM 342) [408]
U 171a, b (TM T 20)
U 172 (T II D 67) [408]
U 173 [408]
U 174a, b (TM 336) [408]
U 175 (TM 339) [408]
U 176 [408]
U 177 (TM 341) [408]
U 178 (TM 328) [408]
U 179 (TM 334) [408]
U 180 (TM 331) [408]
U 181 (T II T) [408]
TM 332 [408]
M... (TM 407) [408]
Mainz 167 (T I D x 20)
Mainz 169a,b+c,d (T I)
Mainz 171 (TM 340)
Mainz 173a, b ([T II] D 19) [408]
Mainz 174a-e (T II K, T II D 52) [408]
Mainz 175 (TM 337) [408]
Mainz 400 (TI α) recto [408]
Mainz 377 (T II T 20) [408]
Mainz 383 (T II K) [408]
Mainz 385a-d (TM 337) [408]
Mainz 386 (TM 333) [408]
Mainz 387 (T II B 227 D) [408]
Mainz 388 (TM 326) [408]
Mainz 403a, b (TM 337, TM 335/M 341) [408]
MIK III 34b (T II T 20) [408]
MIK III 35a+b (TM 327) [408]
MIK III 200 (T II D 169)
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Turfan inscriptions
Turfan manuscripts
Turfan manuscripts were found in East Turkestan, near Dunhuang and Turfan. There are 38 metadata on Turfan maniscripts in our database.
Manuscripts of East Turkestan - Turfan
The East Turkestan is rich for old manuscripts. There were found manuscripts, writings on walls of temples and monasteries, inscriptions on steles in Xinjiang-Uigur autonomic region, Turfan, Dunhuang and Miran. This region's the biggest text of old turkic writings is "Irk Bitig" (The Book of Omens). This book contains over 60 pages. The Turfan manuscripts have been studying since 1902. They are stored in libraries, museums and storehouses of Germany, England, Russia, France and Japan. A. von Le Coq1 M.Stein, V.Tomsen2, J.R.Hamilton3, L.Bazin, H.Orkhun and other scientists provided scientific researches on the Turfan manuscripts.
We use links to digital images of Digital Archive of Berlin Вrandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. See full archive here: Turfanforschung. Digitales Turfan-Archiv

1A. von Le Coq. Kokturkisches aus Turfan. Mansckrift-fragmente in kokturkischen Runen aus Toyog und Idiqut-schahari, Oase von Turfan //Sitzungsberischte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Phil.-hist. Kl. 1909.
2Thomsen V. Dr. M.A.Stein's manuscrifts in Turkish "runic" scrift from Miran and Tun-Huang //Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, London. 1912. P.181-227; Thomsen V. Ein Blatt in turkischer "runen" schrift aus Turfan //Sitzungsberischte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. Phil.-hist. Kl. 1910. XV; Thomsen V.Fragments of a runic Turkish manuscript Kao 0107 from Kara-Khova //Innermost Asia. Vol. II. Oxford, 1928.
3Hamilton J.R., Bazin L. Un manuscrift chinois et turc runiforme de Touen-Houang. BM. Or.8212(78), (79) //Turcica, Revue d'Etudies Turques, 4. 1972, P.25-42.
The basic idea of creating the electronic historical and cultural fund was based on issue of The Oriental Studies Section of The Institute of Oriental Studies named after Suleimenov in 2005 under the govermental program "Cultural Heritage": "Қазақстан тарихы туралы түркі деректемелері" сериясының 2-томы Н.Базылхан "Көне түрік бітіктастары мен ескерткіштері (Орхон, Енисей, Талас)" Алматы: Дайк-Пресс. 2005, 252 б. +144 бет жапсырма.
Chief Editors:
doctor of history sciences Prof. M.Abuseitova
doctor of philology sciences Prof. B.Bukhatuly.
We appreciate The Director of The Institute of Oriental Studies Meruert Abuseitova for her help.

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